Friday, December 31, 2010

In which we have another baby.

I know I don't update much anymore, but I'm finally done with my first full-time semester (3.94 GPA! In yo face!), and I just got home from the hospital with Evan.

I went in for an induction two days before Christmas. My blood pressure was creeping up just like with Nathan, and this time I really didn't want to be as sick as I was while/after having him. However, even with crazy amounts of Pitocin, my contractions really didn't do anything. So they sent me home that night.

I managed to not go into labor during the huge monstrous blizzard we had Sunday, but Monday, the day I was scheduled to go back, they called me to move me because it was so busy. I went back on Tuesday, we did the Pitocin thing again, and they said this time they'd break my water to make sure I really did give birth. So I just sat in bed and internetted until like 2:30, they broke my water, and like last time the contractions started getting WICKED ROUGH GUY right after that. Judge me if you will, but it was epidural time. So at 3ish I asked for one, and it was in by 3:30. Then I almost immediately felt I needed to poop. YOU CAN SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING. I kind of held off and was going to wait for my nurse to pop back in and my mom's like "UH NO YOU SHOULD CALL HER NOW", and then I remember at 3:45 texting Mike, who had taken Nathan to the cafeteria, saying "Come back NOW its babytime."

Thankfully, Mike was already entering the maternity ward when I texted him or he would've missed the grand finale. We had just enough time to send a cranky Nathan home with my sister, I pushed for like 4 minutes, and Evan was born. I pushed with Nathan for a grueling 2+ hours, so this time I was like "wait, that's IT? That was easy." And he was 8 lbs, 7 oz. I thought he'd be smaller than that.


So then we had a baby, and because the whole thing happened so dang fast I felt awesome and was up walking around a few hours later. He looks like Nathan did as a baby, for sure.

Now we have to move from 2-on-1 to man-to-man defense, which will be an adjustment. Nathan likes the baby, but is still too young to know the definition of "gentle, seriously, be gentle".

I kinda like him, though.