Wednesday, November 24, 2010



Today I really needed Nathan to take a nap.

Nathan does not nap anymore. Unless he's in the car and we're driving. But today, he napped, and it was awesome. Mike had surgery on his shoulder Monday, so he's almost entirely out of commission and I have to take care of Nathan and also fetch things for Mike. He banished us upstairs because he was exhausted and felt like poo, and I laid on the guest bed while Nathan played with his trains. Eventually he came up, lay next to me, threw his arm around me, and stared at me. For ten minutes. While kicking his legs against the side of the bed. Then I sort of drifted off, opened one eye, and realized that at some point he had totally passed out. We slept for an hour. HELLS YES.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Do you like free things? I like free things!

My friend Christa at How Is Babby Formed is giving away a $55 gift certificate to It ends at midnight, though, so hurry up!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So, it's been awhile. Yep.

We've recently come across the first instance of Nathan using a word in his own language to describe something, and us actually understanding it. He does not say airplane. He says MEEMEE.

Nathan: Meemee! *points to airplane in sky*
KT: Actually, that's an airplane. Plane.
Nathan: MEEMEE!
KT: Still a plane.
Nathan: MEEMEEEEEEE! *plaintive wail as airplane dissapears from sky*

He also says bapple for apple, which has gotten us into the terrible habit of calling them bapples in our regular conversations to each other in front of him. As in, "Did Nathan enjoy his bapple for lunch?". OH GOD OUR KID'S GOING TO NEED SPEECH THERAPY BECAUSE WE'RE HORRIBLE PARENTS.


Also, Nathan was a dragon for Halloween. I'll post about that later. You know, like in January or whatever.