Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tales of Gloucester: Angry Angry Shopper

I pulled into Market Basket on a Sunday afternoon at 3PM - prime shopping time. I usually try to avoid that like the plague, but we were desperately out of butter. BUTTER EMERGENCIES CAN HAPPEN AND THEY ARE NOT FUN.

So yeah, there aren't really that many spots, but I get one halfway down one of the rows. No biggie, right? Apparently, not for everyone.

This guy in a Jeep Cherokee with three small kids in back (the two biggest without booster seats when they were obviously too small for regular seats) got very, very angry that someone coming up the aisle towards him snagged a closer spot after he'd moved past another spot 10 feet further away. So he gave the little old lady the finger and sped off.

The next row, he started beeping at another lady for not pulling into her spot fast enough.

Seriously? Are you that angry with life because it took you 20 more seconds to park and another 20 to walk? So you're going to make obscene gestures at the elderly in front of your kids?

Oh, and bonus points to the squawky ladies bitching that "the city people" were up here buying our bottled water because there wasn't much left. I bet that destroyed your afternoon, didn't it? Compassion for others is such a pain in the ass.

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