Friday, January 21, 2011

Now I Can Never Leave

Our older neighbors next door snowblowed the end of our driveway today - the guy next door has always been really nice, and they knew we had a new baby and Mike had surgery, so he's done it a few times for us. I'm currently baking up some pumpkin spice muffins to give them as a thank-you, hopefully it won't be too awkward to knock on their door.

Anyway a few weeks ago my brother came up with one of his construction buddies to take care of the last few major projects in the house - fixing our downstairs bathroom where our dog, Bob, ripped out some drywall, and putting in a subway tile kitchen backsplash, finally getting rid of the terrible 1960's wallpaper that was not even vintage cool, just terrible.


Sure, I *could* have moved the PB&J out of the way, but you try doing anything with a toddler and an infant. I dare you.


This used to be a piece of cut stainless steel sheet behind here. Looks SO MUCH BETTER now.


The kitchen will never be magazine-perfect, but it's small and for 4 people and it's lived in and dangit, I can write recipes on any of the cabinets. Like pizza dough. Good to have pizza dough.

Anyway now that the house looks pretty much awesome, I don't really ever want to leave, even with the distance to Boston or anywhere that isn't the Atlantic ocean, and the sometimes crappy neighborhood. Sure, I'd like to live on some kind of hobby farm selling eggs to people, but that's a lot of work.

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  1. I adore your kitchen! That's an amazing idea with the chalkboard paint. Really really cool idea.