Friday, February 26, 2010



This is the aftermath of last night's windstorm. Mike drove home from work last night during the worst of it. Trees falling on power lines and catching on fire, a crushed car trunk, fun things like that. I went to check on the chickens and found the scene above - the coop rolled when the tarp covering the wire run was used as a sail, pretty much. With Mike holding a flashlight, I was able to rush them inside one at a time, into a dog cage I set up in the kitchen. We finally got power back at about 5:30 AM - earlier than I expected, honestly.


They made a good amount of noise this morning, as well as copious amounts of poop. The coop was easy to put back together and they're back where they belong, but I've still got some cleaning up to do, for sure. Gross.


  1. Our power was STILL out this morning, the day after Jess did groceries. BAH

  2. Oof! Glad the little bock-bocks were OK though! It was seriously nuts last night here, I can only image how strong it must have been where you are!

  3. my favorite part of the night was dodging the runaway water heater barreling across washington street. good times.