Friday, June 25, 2010

I'll use any excuse to redecorate.

So as most of you now know, I'm 3 months pregnant with our second child. I'm due on Christmas day.

This means Nathan and Thing 2 will be just about 2 years apart. We won't know the sex for at least another month.

So I'm starting to gather stuff for Nathan's new, little-boy room. Just based on space issues alone, it seems like they'll be in separate rooms. The new baby will be taking his crib, and he'll be moving to a big-kid bed that my brother and my dad once had. Months ago, my mom bought about a dozen yards of great heavy blue fabric with vintage cowboys and covered wagons on it.Hopefully we can turn it into curtains and pillows, and find him a matching comforter.

Today on etsy I picked these up:

There are so many more items I've got favorited, and we'll be hitting up yard sales all summer.


  1. I love LOVE the feeling of this room already!

  2. I have to say.... 2 years apart, born in December/January, I recognize a pattern, here -- one we've seen before. :)

  3. OMG I love that lamp.