Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tiny Copilot.

So Nathan still faces backwards in his carseat past his first birthday (My friend Christa wrote up some great reasons why).


He doesn't really mind either way, but the entertaining part is how he interacts with us. Say, if we order fast food. It doesn't happen a lot, but somehow when it does, HE KNOWS WHAT'S GOING ON. After we've been handed our chicken nuggets and fries, his tiny hand shoots up over the back of his seat, begging for handouts. He literally does the "gimme" hand gesture which I swear we have never taught him. He could've been in a deep slumber, and all of a sudden he's HEY GUYS I SMELL FOOD MIND IF I EAT HALF OF IT? It's like he's been taking notes from the dog.

Mike also says that when he's travelling with Nathan (this happens a lot when he's bike hunting, so that Nathan will nap and I can get some alone time), he'll point to the dome light and gesticulate wildly until it is turned on or off for him. Apparently dome lights are a thrill a minute, who knew.

He's taken his demotion to backwards-facing quite well, and really doesn't make too much of a peep back there. I'm glad I did it, even though he keeps eating all my dang chicken nuggets.



    That's hilarious. I'll have to try the dome light thing - usually I'm reaching back and playing brainsucker on Paloma's head.

  2. We gotta see you soon. Hope you guys can make it this weekend! :) He is a cutie. Does he like sausage?

  3. There is very little that this child will not eat. He is a general fan of meats of all types. AFAIK we're in, probably won't be there a super long time though.