Friday, August 20, 2010


I named this blog because in reality, living here isn't always easy. I try to keep a positive outlook, but sometimes it's just frustrating.

Last night the guy across the street (who is apparently pretty notorious around town) and another lady got into a scream fest about whether he drives drunk and also about him throwing beer cans in her yard. I'm not sure who she is, she may live on the street behind ours. But she you know, had a point. So then the lady next door to him mentioned here started screaming at her too, telling her she wasn't anybody and it ended with the drunk guy saying he'd kill her. I wanted to call the cops but the original lady disappeared.

Then today some homeless guy knocked on our door, almost letting our dog out of our fenced yard. He kept asking to buy a bike, and eventually Mike sold him one that worked. He kept leaving to go get money and coming up short, and acting like HE was all put out because Mike wanted $60 for the bike. Like, the hell? You came up to US and begged for a bike. He then said he should get a break on the price because "he could've just stolen one from us but didn't." Thanks? For not being a total jerk? Yeah. He is friends with the people across the street (see vignette above).

This is all in the same week that there was a street fight nearby that ended in the arson of a triple-decker. Insane.

I'm glad that we have some good neighbors who have been here awhile and who are nice and don't cause trouble. It's disheartening when troublemakers move in, but that's to be expected in lower middle class neighborhoods with drug/alcohol issues. It seemed like for awhile that Gloucester could be headed in a positive direction, but the economy seems to have stalled that out. Still, this is where I live now, and that's not changing anytime soon.

Anyway, we'll most likely install a moveable gate across the end of the driveway to keep people from entering our driveway/carport at night (stuff's been stolen before), and also so Nathan can play in the driveway without fear of him running into the street.


  1. Ugh, so sorry you're stuck there. I'd go friggin bonkers. I would be so uncomfy there that I think I'd actually have panic attacks and stuff. You are a tougher woman than I.

  2. It's honestly not that bad. Having a driveway and yard helps, and the people across the street who have two teenage girls are really nice, the elderly couple next door are nice, and the other bike guy down a few doors with a baby nathan's age are super awesome. The people behind us always talk to the chickens and gave Nathan some nice baby clothes. And none of them seem fazed by the street antics at all! It sucked more before we really met our neighbors (when I worked too much to ever be outside) because we felt a lot more unsafe, but in reality, most of the crime here is petty and involves people who know each other.