Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good neighbors, bad neighbors.

On Sunday, we finally met the neighbors across the street and down a few houses. I've seen them walk by a lot, they're about our age with a little girl Nathan's age. They seem like they're Midwestern transplants from their bumper stickers. We once returned their dog to them when he'd gotten out of their yard, but they weren't home and the person who rents the other half of their house took care of it instead.

We met him because he was cycling down the street, then stopped, and backed up and asked about a bike frame we'd put out to the curb. He's apparently starting to find bikes locally in the transfer stations or at yard sales, fixing them up, and putting them on Craigslist. Nice.

Of course, the coolness of meeting someone somewhat like us was mitigated by another neighbor. This morning I looked out the window and saw something piled on top of our recycling. It was 2 fridge crisper bins and the plastic front panel of an air conditioner. While walking to the store yesterday, I saw these items in another neighbor's trash/recycling. We pay to throw trash away here, and those items are too big for regular bags, so as soon as everything's collected it will be left on the curb. I'd just go toss it back but the neighbor is quite mean and possibly insane. My current plan is just to leave it on our curb until armageddon.

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