Friday, April 2, 2010

Tea Party!

So, an interesting thing happened. On another blogging forum I'm on, someone I know mentioned that there should be a counterprotest to the upcoming Tea Party rally with Sarah Palin on Boston Common on April 14th. He asked for ideas, and I tossed out the idea that we should all get together in frilly dresses and nice linens and have a real tea party on the common.

Now, I try not to get too political (especially on this blog that my family reads), but sometimes that fails. I respect people whose political opinions differ from mine - I have some friends with very well-researched and well-thought out views on the Conservative side of things. But this tea party movement is not based on anything but anger, fear, and thinly veiled racism. Where were these people when Bush turned the biggest surplus in history into the biggest deficit in history? Where were they when the USA PATRIOT act was passed? That's what irritates me the most. We've had a democrat in office for a year and they think America is sliding into armageddon because of that? Please.

But my silly idea? Caught on. I sort of inadvertently started a counterprotest. A few people I know took the ball and ran with it, put together some wonderful and hilarious ground rules and even made a facebook event for it. It's hit Universal Hub. It's hit Bostonist. I have a feeling it will hit other media outlets as well. It's got almost twice as many confirmed guests as the official facebook event for the actual Tea Party rally. Someone's bringing a violin. People are bringing their children. There won't be any nasty signs, just a nice, civilized cup of tea on the common. People who have never protested a thing in their life will be coming out of the woodwork to get together and have a fun time, and that's the best part. '

Lately I've been momming it up and been stuck at home so much. Without working it's tough to keep up your self-worth, but this is a great shot in the arm for that. Sure, the idea wasn't anything amazingly original, but I'm getting a huge kick out of the fact that people really like it.

So needless to say, I'll be showing up for this in a nice dress, and Baby Gloucesterite in his argyle sweater vest and corduroy slacks.

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