Friday, April 1, 2011

Tuna Melt

tunamelt 003

This was today's lunch. Mike found some cheap sourdough whole wheat bread - it just happens to come in fun-size. This is a plus, because Nathan thinks it's cool and will eat it, and I eat less.

I've been trying to eat better so I can lose baby weight and just generally be healthier, but the whole two-kids-working-school thing is a bit hard. I've at least climbed back on the exercise bike for the last week.

As far as work goes, I'm pretty sad - we decided that it was not really working at home for me to be gone. The commute is long, the pay is low, and after you factored in gas and time lost, it just didnt work. They really want to keep me, and I may be able to stay on with one 9-hour shift on Mondays, but we'll have to get that worked out. In reality, Mike's side project working on bikes would make more than my job. I enjoyed the job and especially being with adults, so it's a little disappointing, but what can you do, really?

At least now I'm free to go back to school full-time, and World's Oldest Undergrad should be graduating next spring. I'm attending an MBA open house tomorrow - not that I'd go right away, but I'm interested in seeing what's involved.

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