Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gettin' up off my fat butt.

So I haven't lost the baby weight from Evan. Probably because of the surgeries, and having to stop breastfeeding way before I planned to. And because I loooove food.

I have never before actually had to watch what I eat, but it was clear that now's the time. Two weeks ago I was about a pound shy of the "overweight" line for my height. And it's not like I'm muscular, so there's no excuse there.

I started using (although there's a million sites out there). I am pretty against paying good money for stuff like Weight Watchers until I try free things first. MyFitnessPal has a Droid app Mike uses to scan barcodes of whatever he's eating.

It told me that to lose weight, I had to cut down to 1300 calories a day. Now, that seems insanely low. I'm not necessarily trusting a website with my health. But clearly, after tracking my eating for a few days, I was eating so much indiscriminately that I would never lose weight unless I changed.

So for the last week, I've been trying to be careful about my diet. Nothing crazy, just eating small meals throughout the day, measuring instead of just pouring out stuff like milk, making sure I exercise more, etc. And I've already lost two pounds.


  1. Jack swears by And by measuring. Grad school did a number on the awesome Toomey metabolism for me and I used it for a bit to figure out how much I was actually eating. It did work quite well, as I'm sure anything that forces you to actually pay attention to what you eat does. I found that after a while I got much better at keeping track on my own and was able to quit using it once I got back to "normal."

    Good luck...

  2. Awesome! Go you! I think tracking is the first important step- you have to know what you're eating. Next is measuring. I've really really gotta get back on track. We'll have to go new-clothes shopping together, once we're skinnier again!

  3. I go back and forth. I would like to be insanely skinny. I like the way I look when I'm unhealthy skinny. I'm a douche who has been wah wah influenced by society and likes the skinny look. BUT I am also full of a love of cake and ice cream and butter and everything that is for most people the opposite of skinny eating. Moment to moment, I don't give a fig, so I guess it's okay? ALL ABOUT BALANCE AMIRITE?

  4. I was on myfitnesspal for a while and found their calorie listings to be WAY off for about 80% of the foods on there, and the calorie limit to be way different than what other sites said. I ended up frustrated with it - so maybe get some 2nd opinions and make sure 1300 cal is right? That sounds absurdly low...

  5. Measuring makes such a huge difference. I was horrified when I started measuring the serving size of snacks. 10 chips, who does that?? Sounds like you're on the right track with smalls meals.