Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Garden 2011

Last year's garden was a terrible mess. I was pregnant, it was hot, and the project was just way too ambitious for me at the time.

But I'm looking forward to this year. Here's our setup so far:


This time I'm not letting the weeds win. I put down newspapers, then weedblock fabric.

On the side next to the house: sugar snap peas, spinach, grape tomatoes, bell peppers, and banana peppers. On the side facing the yard (and camera): kale, and in a few days, I'll also plant zucchini and bush beans (green beans).

In containers along the side, I also planted a green bell pepper and more banana peppers.


And this guy is a cherry tomato plant, which will share the bucket with a lettuce plant. In the front yard is an identical bin with sunflowers that accidentally grew from seeds left in our birdfeeder. Hee.

Oh, also, I have to find somewhere to stick a strawberry plant.

This year I think will be better because Mike can help me since he's not in pain all day anymore. He already set up a grow light operation on the top of our chest freezer. It looks like we have a pot farm, but I swear it's just cilantro and mesclun.


Nathan enjoys watering things. I do not enjoy him watering things, mostly because they are usually things like me, the baby, his own pants, or the mail.


I think he has reached peak cuteness. He's all "Mommy, helping YOU!" when we're outside. He also told the baby he loved him, completely unprovoked. DYING OF CUTE. I AM DED.


  1. Def cute overload! I miss this age!

  2. and the curlies behind his ears! so darling

  3. This garden will be heavenly!
    I keep trying, but 1. I have a black thumb and 2. I have crappy ground! It's weeds and grubs and moles galore! can't win. I'll just settle for my baby potted cilantro plant :)
    Can't wait to see how yours grows though!

  4. Awww! Too cute! Good thing we haven't seen you recently, you'd probably be missing a toddler when we went home. I mean, uh...hmmm...

    Seriously, I'm so excited about our community garden plot, but getting it started has proven extremely time-consuming and impossible with a toddler trampling everyone else's gardens. So, go you!

    And seriously, when can we get together soon?

  5. jess, i should be free like wednesday and thursday of next week if you want! i lost my phone a few weeks ago and had to use mike's old one with only his contact list, so i have matt's number but not yours now.