Friday, July 9, 2010

Fun times!

Jaunty Zombie is Jaunty!

Today Christa and I took Nathan and Paloma to Bradley Palmer State Park's wading pool. They had a blast, and it was deep enough for adults to cool off if you sat down, but not so deep I constantly had to worry about Nathan drowning himself. And the best part is that the only charge is $5 per car to park, so we split it and hey, $2.50 for an afternoon of FUN! (and the EPIC NAP after returning home) was worth it.


  1. Indeed, the epic napping allowed me to work and then enjoy a delicious ice cream sundae. Thank you, Bradley Palmer State Park wading pool!

  2. Nathan crashed so hard that he let me take him inside and put him to sleep in his crib and stayed asleep till 5:30. It was awesome.