Monday, July 19, 2010

How to Make Money While Sitting in your Driveway

Mike and I threw a yard sale over the weekend with a lot of stuff we didn't need anymore. We both enjoy going to yard sales ourselves, and figured we could make a little bit of money.

In all, we pulled in about $150 - that included one of Mike's bikes going for $80. It was tiring, but fun, and we met a lot of the neighbors we hadn't met before and some of the ones we did know came back.

The couple across the street (the one where the husband and Mike talk about bikes all the time, and their son is close to Nathan's age) came and gave us a wonderful painting they made to thank us for giving them eggs a few weeks ago. That was really, really sweet!


Now we have a bunch of leftover stuff, and next week we find out whether Unborn Gloucesterite is a he or she. Depending on the outcome, we could have another yard sale right before school starts up.

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