Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One more class.

I'm enrolled in community college. I've been in community college for three years now. It will be four when I graduate.

But I will be graduating. At the end of the summer. I am taking one math class now, and will be taking a Biology class over the summer.

Most of my friends have bachelors degrees, and many have advanced degrees as well. Most make a lot more than me at really great jobs. I skipped college and worked because I hated high school so much. When I finally wanted to go back to school, I was working 45 hours a week an hour away from home. I still pulled off 2-3 classes per semester and earned a GPA high enough to be in the honor society. I'm by no means brilliant or anything, but it's not really brilliance that I'm excited about, it's all the hard work and late nights I put into this. Sure, I took a whole year off with Nathan because I wanted a child more than my education at that point, but I didn't give up and never planned to.

The next part of my journey is up in the air. I very much want to continue on, and I'm automatically eligible for entry into any state school at a reduced price, as well as getting constant emails from private colleges I could never have pulled off in high school. Salem State is close by, and has a Hospitality & Tourism Management major that would pretty much work with most of my future options (go back to my old job field, work in food service, or open a restaurant). The issue is money, but I am going to look into scholarships and try my hand at at least doing it part-time.

So I know I don't have much to be proud about, but I am proud.

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  1. As you should be. It is an achievement, even greater in that you did it while working full time, were pregnant (and pregnancy brain), had a new baby, and paid for it yourself. Kudos!