Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We Can't Take You Anywhere.

This afternoon I took Nathan to my community college so I could fill out an application to graduate and also pick up a new student ID. In order to get the ID, I had to go to a computer lab and print out my current schedule to prove I was still taking classes there.

It went about as well as you could imagine bringing a 13 month old into a quiet computer lab full of students to go. The climax was when he farted loudly while struggling to hit random keys on my keyboard.

I bit my tongue intentionally to not laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation, but I really wanted to say "birth control. IT IS IMPORTANT", and then scurry out of the lab.


  1. The other day a friend asked me if we'd be taking Paloma to a community theatre production we're going to in NY this weekend. He has very little experience with babies, obviously.

  2. When we went out to the movies Saturday night, someone had the stroller/baby car seat combo IN THE THEATER. For a 7pm R-rated film. However, they left before the movie even started - I wonder if they got booted.

  3. I hope to God they did get booted. I mean the absurdity of that type of behavior is two-fold... the kid is going to be miserable and the parents clearly don't care about that, and everyone ELSE around is going to be miserable, and they clearly don't care about that, either. Kick them in the head, I say.

  4. What, no one laughed at the fart?