Monday, March 22, 2010

Right Near Da Beach

Mike has every Friday off from his day job so he can DJ Friday nights in Boston. This past Friday, it was so fantastic out that we took a car trip with the dogs around the North Shore through Essex, Wenham, Hamilton, and ended up at the beach off Rt 127 near downtown Beverly.

This was the first time Bea, who is from Tennessee, has ever seen the ocean. She walked right up to it, but was unimpressed.


Mike tried to convince the baby, who all of a sudden HATES SWINGS, that swings are actually pretty cool.


He still wanted none of it, and remained steadfastly holding the steering wheel to the little wooden car.


In summary, living near the ocean is awesome.


  1. Ah, the picturesque smokestacks of Salem. Is that Lynch Park?

  2. matt, it's the one close to lynch park but right on 127.

  3. Agreed! I walk to the beach at least once a week, even in the wintertime.