Monday, March 8, 2010

Roastin' Coffee

A month or so ago, Mike came home from 90's night with a small paper bag of raw coffee beans. Apparently, one of the convenience stores outside of Central Square in Cambridge sells them. He had always talked about doing it, but Mike also talks about smolting his own bronze and buying an entire dead cow, so I didn't take it too seriously.

It's actually incredibly simple. He picked up an old air popper at Savers for $5.00.


One of these deals. They're ubiquitous in thrift shops. It cooks just like popcorn, only it takes a little longer. When I finish, the house smells amazing.


This roast is a little lighter than the last roast I made. Usually I try to aim for blacker and more oily, but it's sometimes hard to get perfect.


Before and after. I was surprised how small raw coffee beans are.

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  1. just to any of the would-be DIYers out there - make sure you do some research and get the right kind of air popper, otherwise you may set your house on fire, hehe.

    it is super easy though. it wasnt until after WWI when people started buying pre-roasted coffee. if you could diy it in the 1910s, there's no reason you cant diy it now.